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Publish with America Through Time

by America Through Time on January 10, 2019
Publish with America Through Time
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America Through Time® is an imprint of Fonthill Media LLC, registered in South Carolina. We have a specific book series named America Through Time, but we also use the imprint as a generic name for all of our local and regional books in the U.S.A.

The book series America Through Time was launched in 2013 and so far we have 113 different titles in print. Initially our focus was based on the northeast. We have been expanding nationwide to allow the series to cover the entire United States. While each Through Time book is a unique reflection of the communities they exhibit and their individual authors, a "typical" book in the series consists of 91 black and white historical photographs alongside the same number of new colour photographs, offering comparative or alternative views of various landmarks, streets, buildings, and other locations withing a community. The layout provides a rich, colorful illustration of the multitude of changes communities across the United States have experienced through time.

Often, with the help of local libraries and historical societies, authors are able to present a visual, historical record of lost traditions and eras past. Moreover, the series acts as a marker in time, a photographic record of the year in which it is published. As such, books in the America Through Time series are an expression of pride for the communities they represent.

Authoring an America Through Time book can be an individual or collaborative effort involving multiple authors, historical society members, or photographers.

We would like to emphasize that we are a traditional publisher and not a vanity publisher.
We do not charge authors to publish with us. Instead, we take the financial risk by printing the book with our own capital and offer our authors an industry-standard royalty.

How to submit your book proposal

Our submissions procedure is simple and short. For an initial contact, please supply one page only containing:

  • The Title
  • A brief description of the proposed book (200 words maximum)
  • A brief description of yourself (100 words maximum)
  • The proposed word count
  • The nature and number of illustrations/photographs

You can also use the submissions form on our website. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail, or mail it to:

America Through Time
12 Sires Street
South Carolina
Tel: 843-203-3432

Other Series and Subjects

Other Subjects and Series

Our latest series to take the country by storm is Abandoned Union—high-quality, full-color photography books on urbex/abandoned states, towns, cities and themes. We also publish in the following subject areas:

  • Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Architecture and Art
  • Aviation and Aviation History
  • Biography
  • Local History and Heritage
  • Military and General History
  • Sports
  • Transport: Railroads, Street Cars, Canals and Maritime
  • Social History and Politics

Please note we will not consider new fiction or subjects outside of our scope.

For more information visit our Submissions page.
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