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Social Science (12)

Valentine's Day Traditions in Boston


Marriage, Murder, and Betrayal in Nineteenth-Century California


Gambler 500 Lejunds: Tales Collected From The World’s Largest Trail Cleanup


Standing Tall: Willie Long Vs. U.S. Government At Mare Island Naval Shipyard


A Brookline Boyhood in the 1930s and 40s


An We Ob Jubilee: The First South Carolina Volunteers


Indomitable Sacramentans: A Social History Of Catholics In The State Capital


Tranquility Grove: The Great Abolitionist Picnic of 1844


Imagining the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta: An Anthology of Voices Across Centuries


The Fight Abroad And The Fear Back Home: Italians Of The California Coast During World War II


Chicago-Area Italians in World War I: A Case Study of Calabrians


Before the Dream: Martin Luther King's 1963 Speech, and Civil Rights Struggles in Fort Wayne, Indiana