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Abandoned Montana: From Boom to Bust
  • ISBN: 9781634994118
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Abandoned Montana: From Boom to Bust

Author(s): Bastien Grandy
Centuries ago, Montana lay untouched by the western world. Briefly, railroads carved through its valleys and mines dug through its mountains. Montana, like a struck match, lit an explosion of new people and ideas. As quickly as it was lit, however, the fire went out.

The miner packed his bag, leaving his boom town to the frigid grasp of Mother Nature. Once churning out millions, the towering headframes sat silent once again. The homesteader moved farther west, leaving his abode to be reclaimed by the very woods it was built from.

Montanans are inherently explorers. On the same path prospectors once roamed in search of gold, young Montanans search for a different type of treasure: stories. What the miner and homesteader may have thought of as simply a building, the trail blazing explorer sees an abandoned building as a story book, full of mystery.

Montana is full of stories. From the desolate weather-beaten houses of St. Marie to the humble ruins of the once striving Comet boom town, Montana remains a place of mystery waiting to be solved. Abandoned Montana: From Boom to Bust aims to uncover them.

Bastien Grandy has made it his mission to photograph and detail as much of the abandoned historical locations across Montana as possible. He finds that simply hearing a story does not cut it. Exploring abandoned buildings allows one to completely engulf themselves in the narrative of history. He has spent much of his time on the road traveling from one building to another, searching for the entire story. In his off time, he restores antiques and plays guitar. Currently, he is preparing for college and is living in Townsend, Montana.
ISBN: 9781634994118
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: America Through Time
DATE: 7/25/2022
STATE: Montana
PAGES: 142
DIMENSIONS: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)