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Abandoned Vermont And New Hampshire: Forgotten In The Mountains
  • ISBN: 9781634994552

Abandoned Vermont And New Hampshire: Forgotten In The Mountains

Author(s): Marie Desrosiers
Abandoned Vermont and New Hampshire: Forgotten in the Mountains brings readers on a trip through the winding roads of mountainous areas where understated abandonment is crumbling in the small, rural areas that often get overlooked.

Along these roads, tucked away in the woods, you’ll often find cottages and camps where families once gathered for vacations, or hunters sat in front of a woodstove after a long day, but all that remains now are layers of dust and perhaps a few field mice scurrying around to break up the silence.

If you pay close enough attention on your trip through the mountains, you’ll catch glimpses of cars and trucks that haven’t moved in years, hidden behind tall, overgrown grass and weeds. Through the photographs in this book, you’ll see once bustling family vacation areas, now still and forgotten, quietly holding all the memories that were made there. As to be expected in rural, mountain farm towns, you’ll also see remnants of farmhouses, in various states of decay.

History and lore, passed down for generations, can be found on these roads, and shared through these photographs and stories, that will hopefully live on for generations to come.

Marie Desrosiers is a hobby photographer with a fascination for the forgotten and abandoned. Whenever possible, she seeks to find the history and stories behind the places she comes across. Marie spends much of her time driving down backroads to find the often-overlooked beauty and lost history in abandoned homes, farms, and businesses. Where others may see crumbling structures, she finds unappreciated beauty that she documents in her photographs. She is hopeful that through photography, the places she captures can be truly seen and remembered, even briefly.
Pages: 96
Publisher: America Through Time
Imprint: America Through Time
Series: America Through Time
Publication Date: 27th March 2023
State: Vermont
ISBN: 9781634994552
Format: Paperback
HISTORY / United States / State & Local / New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)
TRAVEL / United States / Northeast / New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)