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Abandoned Delmarva: The Forgotten Places of the Delmarva Peninsula
  • ISBN: 9781634993357
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Abandoned Delmarva: The Forgotten Places of the Delmarva Peninsula

Author(s): Todd M. Dalgliesh
Abandoned Delmarva: The Forgotten Places of the Delmarva Peninsula travels to all corners of the Delmarva, touring the forgotten places of the past that hide behind our modern world—from large towns to small ones, places modern and bustling, to places that seem frozen in time.

Abandoned structures are all around us. It is possible you’ve driven past the locations in this book without a second glance. Perhaps this book will inspire you to think twice next time you pass an overgrown driveway or boarded-up building.

In these pages, you will see the schools that molded the town’s minds and hospitals that once cared for the masses, along with businesses, entertainment, industry, and all the likes in between. All were lost in history, but are now found on the Delmarva Peninsula

Todd M. Dalgliesh is a photographer based out of Baltimore, Maryland. He works in multiple fields of photography but has long had a passion for photographing abandoned places. Now, fifteen years after he was first inspired by an impromptu adventure into an abandoned home, he is continuing his journey in photography as he explores the world of abandoned structures. Todd is constantly traveling the U.S. in search of places to document, and the list of locations is ever growing, along with his drive for photographing and preserving these abandoned places.
ISBN: 9781634993357
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: America Through Time
DATE: 6/28/2021
STATE: Delaware
SERIES: America Through Time
PAGES: 128
DIMENSIONS: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)