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Abandoned Southern Colorado and the San Luis Valley
  • ISBN: 9781634992411

Abandoned Southern Colorado and the San Luis Valley

Author(s): Jeff D. Eberle
Abandoned Southern Colorado and the San Luis Valley is a collection of photographs that takes readers on a tour of southern Colorado and the San Luis Valley.

Author and photographer Jeff Eberle spent much of the last decade traveling the backroads and 4 x 4 trails of Colorado in an effort to capture a few final images of the state's rapidly vanishing past.

Take one last look at important pieces of the puzzle that make up Colorado's history, including the forlorn and dormant steel mills of Pueblo, the coal towns of Las Animas and Huerfano counties, the forgotten Dust Bowl farming communities reaching to the Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico borders, and the unique Hispanic flavor of the legendary San Luis Valley.

The author hopes to help raise awareness and public interest in the preservation and protection of Colorado's historic sites and structures. What one might see as merely an old, rusty eyesore, another sees as an aged beauty who stood silent witness to the hard work and struggle that gave birth to the Colorado we know and love today.

Jeff D. Eberle a native of Colorado, is a freelance writer, author, historian, and photographer. He has written two Colorado ghost town guidebooks, as well as The Gray Ghosts of Colorado, a book covering the sociopolitical climate of Colorado Territory during the Civil War. He is a regular writer and photographer for Montana Ghost Towns and Beyond magazine. Eberle has a blog at: lifedeathiron.com, and he manages the Facebook page Colorado Ghost Towns and Historic Towns, which has over 6,000 followers. He hopes to share his passion for the preservation of history with others by engaging them through his photography.

ISBN: 9781634992411
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: America Through Time
DATE: 9/28/2020
STATE: Colorado
SERIES: America Through Time
DIMENSIONS: 9.25 (w) x 6.5 (h)