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Abandoned Southern Minnesota
  • ISBN: 9781634991759
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Abandoned Southern Minnesota

Author(s): Julie Bronson
Join author Julie Bronson on a nostalgic journey to the farmhouses, barns, and other outbuildings of yesteryear. Each structure is unique in character and was carefully constructed to stand the test of time, until they’re abandoned.

Julie shows us, through her sensitive photojournalism, the progression of their inevitable deterioration. Her photos demonstrate the beauty of structures we don’t normally notice, as we speed past them from 55 to 70 miles-per-hour. Whenever possible, she will take us inside the houses, barns, sheds, and sometimes silos to see what lies hidden in them.

She investigates places others might miss and finds beautiful craftsmanship in all corners. She takes her time during these visits, in order to honor those who went before, by depicting the love and care that went into creating these long-forgotten homes. She patiently listens to the whispers of the wind making its way through the broken windows and doors, hoping to hear laughter or perhaps a voice from the past.

Step back in time with Julie and join her on an adventure through Abandoned Southern Minnesota.

Julie Bronson lives next to the Iowa border and accidentally discovered the beauty of old abandoned houses about ten years ago. The magic of the internet showed her that she isn’t the only one who loves these gems. Many of the places she started out photographing have vanished, so she hopes this book will preserve the memories of those, and the ones that are fading away, for many years. Her day job is selling semi-truck parts and she has been married to the same patient man since 1980. She has no kids, except for the four-legged fuzzy kind.
ISBN: 9781634991759
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: America Through Time
DATE: 11/25/2019
STATE: Minnesota
SERIES: America Through Time
DIMENSIONS: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)

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