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Abandoned Western Indiana: Howling in the Shadows
  • ISBN: 9781634994149
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Abandoned Western Indiana: Howling in the Shadows

Author(s): Amanda Bennett-Cole
Western Indiana is home to Purdue University, along with many factories that have managed to flourish while others left the state; however, that is not to say the area is free from blight.

Entire neighborhoods that once housed professors and students are left to rot minutes away from campus, and hotels that once hosted important visitors have been closed overnight, leaving everything behind.

Areas that were important for America during the Cold War and World War II have been forgotten, while the places that sheltered our most vulnerable have become ghosts on the side of the highways, overlooked and overgrown. Homes are left standing in the woods, a monument for better, happier times.

Family photos look on from the wall, smiling from the past. Bomb shelters meant to protect from the threat of atomic annihilation have been completely forgotten about, their locations lost to history and forgotten in the corn fields, only known from old newspapers.

Join Amanda Bennett-Cole on an exploration of these abandoned and forgotten locations in Western Indiana.
Amanda Bennett-Cole is based in Lafayette, Indiana, where she lives with her husband and rescue cats. She is currently finishing her Master’s in Forensic Psychology, so she no longer has to suffer working retail. She has loved horror and history since she was a toddler watching scary movies and Ken Burns documentaries with her mom, so to combine the two she began urban exploring with her best friend as soon as they could drive. Besides urban exploring and long drives to nowhere, she enjoys researching and making horrific vintage recipes, playing video games, tattoos, and changing her hair color bimonthly.
ISBN: 9781634994149
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: America Through Time
DATE: 8/1/2022
STATE: Indiana
DIMENSIONS: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)

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