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Restored Ohio: History Brought Back to Life
  • ISBN: 9781634991216
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Restored Ohio: History Brought Back to Life

Author(s): Glenn Morris
History is one of the most important subjects that ties people and communities in any given geographic area together by a common thread. When buildings and structures from earlier times are still physically around to see, it makes remembering and appreciating the past much easier.

It's also more fun to learn about history when there's something tangible left from it. Unfortunately, we're currently living in an era when Ohio is losing its history quicker than it's being made, and once something original is gone, it can never be brought back.

Thankfully, hundreds of buildings, structures, and entire towns have been restored through the efforts of citizens and leaders who care deeply about the past, and realize the necessity of preserving history for both the present and future generations.

Despite the ruin old buildings and structures potentially face, there's certainly no shortage of them around the Buckeye State.

So, pack up a picnic basket and gas up the car! After reading this book, you will likely be yearning for an adventurous road trip.
Glenn Morris was born in Clermont County, Ohio, about ten miles from Cincinnati. His parents taught him the love of history starting at a young age and it has stuck with him ever since. After spending many years working in a stuffy welding shop, he left on his own accord in 2012 to pursue metal detecting and historical research. The metal detecting trips turned into a love of ghost towns and abandoned places, so he created the website ohioghosttowns.org. The website gets thousands of visits every month and has over 29,000 Facebook fans and an extensive online network.
ISBN: 9781634991216
Publisher: America Through Time
Date: 04/29/2019
State: Ohio
Images: 150 Color
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)