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Peter W. Bodle FRAeS started out in life as an engineer, became a designer and then an inventor by inventing the Passive Floor Path Marking System for passenger carrying aircraft. The company he started then is now the world’s leader in this technology. Fortunately, its success has allowed him the time to pursue his writing interests and has so far had almost twenty biographies and aviation history published. Bodle was a light aircraft pilot for almost twenty-five years and is married with four children and an ever growing number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Peter W. Bodle FRAeS (3)

Station 115 Shipdham: The Story of a USAAF Airfield


Soldiers with Spanners: The Ground Crews' View During the Second World War


Yank Bomber Boys in Norfolk: A Photographic Record of the USAAF in the Second World War