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Richard Thompson has been writing about streetcars for forty years. During that time, he worked as an archivist, historical museum director, librarian, teacher, and streetcar coordinator. He also accumulated a collection of photographs and memorabilia that has served as a resource for six books about streetcars and interurbans, including Portland’s Streetcars (2006), Willamette Valley Railways (2008), Portland’s Streetcar Lines (2010), Portland’s Interurban Railway (2012), Slabtown Streetcars (2015), and Lost Oregon Streetcars (2017). Now semi-retired, Richard enjoys writing, research and foreign travel. He also serves as a board member for the Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society and his local neighborhood association. He lives in Northwest Portland with his faithful feline sidekick, Sophia.

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Sunnyside Streetcars: The Streetcars of Southeast Portland


St. Johns Streetcars: The Streetcars of North Portland