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Xan Blood Walker was born in Seattle, Washington, in the heat of the summer. She learned print photography in high school, and went on to obtain two BFAs, one in printmaking and another in painting from the University of Washington. Many years later, when pursuing graduate studies in counseling, she obtained a master’s certificate in art therapy. Prior to her higher education, she attended the school of hard knocks in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as an 80's street punk at the height of the punk rock scene. With over thirty years in recovery, she finds a way to blend her varied experiences into a unique and personal style. Currently, she is branching out into two new areas: documenting the living breathing urban landscape through photojournalism and incorporating mixed media into her photography. She has already begun using graffiti marker, and hopes to add beeswax from her beehive, as well as dip back into her printmaking background with stenciling, lino block, and woodcutting.

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Abandoned East Bay San Francisco: Where Graffiti Is King