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Abandoned West Virginia: Crumbling Vignettes
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  • ISBN: 9781634992763
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Abandoned West Virginia: Crumbling Vignettes

Author(s): Cindy Vasko
Explore the haunting imagery of Abandoned West Virginia and see a world most will never realize.

West Virginia grips serious history, and its former life will leave an imprint on one’s soul, as well as force meditations about discontented spirits lurking inside some of its forsaken palaces of misfortune.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and West Virginia State Penitentiary hold tales of too many tragic scenes played out behind bolted doors and removed from public view. Lake Shawnee Amusement Park still retains silent rusted rides as monuments to its raw past. Harpers Ferry bellows Civil War chronicles with every step on its cobblestone streets.

Peek at the pages of derelict homes and wonder about the abandoned memories of its former occupants. We live in a hyper-structured world and faithfully adhere to repetitive patterns of life.

Our inner explorer, however, constricts with excessive order, and we often view our environment but do not see what is around us. Step into the unfamiliar and discover the legends and lore of West Virginia, and perhaps fathom that some restless spirits might still prowl within their forlorn domains.

Cindy Vasko was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and resides in Arlington, Virginia. Prior to turning her photography hobby into a vocation, Cindy was an advertising director for a Fortune 200 company, and recently left her fifteen-year position as the publications manager of a large Virginia construction law firm. While Cindy enjoys partaking in all photography genres, and is a multi-faceted photographer, she has a passion for abandoned site photography. Cindy is an award-winning photographer and her works have been featured in many gallery exhibitions, including galleries in New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Paris, France.
ISBN: 9781634992763
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: America Through Time
DATE: 11/9/2020
STATE: West Virginia
SERIES: America Through Time
DIMENSIONS: 9.25 (w) x 6.5 (h)