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Braided Lives: The Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento, 1857-2008
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  • ISBN: 9781634993760

Braided Lives: The Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento, 1857-2008

How could a circle of women without power, money, or political position become one with the tapestry of a city? This is the question arising from the story of the Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento, CA (1857-2008).

Their lives reveal how a small group of dedicated women came to make a significant difference in the life of their city and their world. Throughout their 163 years in Sacramento, the Sisters of Mercy endured floods, lack of resources, changes in church and society, prejudice, and pandemic.

Throughout it all, they provided a steady source of inspiration, compassion, and empowerment for the people they served. There were no boundaries to their compassionate service; indeed, where there was need, there was Mercy. They did so much with so little.

This is more than a history relating courageous deeds and profound faith. Their story shows how bonds of relationship, clarity of vision, and a commitment to collaborative partnerships can transform and animate growth and hope. It provides for future generations a reservoir of hope in times of struggle.

Sister Mary Katherine Doyle has been a Sister of Mercy of the Americas for over fifty-five years. Trained as a historian at the University of San Francisco, she has always been drawn to the human side of history. Fascinated by the Mercy story, she wrote Like a Tree by Running Water: The Story of Mary Baptist Russell, California’s First Sister of Mercy, published in 2004. Recognized as a passionate storyteller, Sister Katherine presents the story of the Sisters of Mercy in Sacramento through the perspective of a historian and of one who has lived that story herself.
ISBN: 9781634993760
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: America Through Time
DATE: 1/24/2022
STATE: California
SERIES: America Through Time
PAGES: 256
DIMENSIONS: 6.15 (w) x 9.25 (h)

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