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Bucky's Dome: The Resurrection of R. Buckminster Fuller and Anne Hewlett Fuller's Dome Home in Carbo
  • ISBN: 9781634992107
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Bucky's Dome: The Resurrection of R. Buckminster Fuller and Anne Hewlett Fuller's Dome Home in Carbo

Author(s): Cary O’Dell and Thad Heckman
Recognized as one of the great design and architectural thinkers of the twentieth century, R. Buckminster Fuller’s name is synonymous with the geodesic dome. But throughout his long life and career, Fuller would only ever call one geodesic dome “home,” and that was the house he built in 1960 on a corner lot in the small Midwestern town of Carbondale, Illinois.

Erected in just one day, Carbondale’s famous “Bucky Dome” was an architectural innovation that is now recognized as a local, state and national historic site. The Dome was the residence of Fuller and his wife, Anne, for over a decade and it endures until this day.

This book recounts the building of the Fuller’s remarkable home, the Midwestern lives of its two famous owners, and the home’s history of subsequent owners and renters. And it covers the nearly twenty-year process involving architects, carpenters, preservationists and volunteers in their efforts to restore the Dome to its original individualistic and revolutionary state.


Cary O’Dell works for the Library of Congress. He is the author of three previous books including Virginia Marmaduke: A Journey in Print from Carbondale to Chicago, Women Pioneers in Television, and June Cleaver Was a Feminist! Reconsidering the Female Characters of Early Television. He lives in Culpeper, Virginia.

Thad Heckman has been a licensed Architect for over thirty years with his own practice for over sixteen years. Formerly a professor of Architecture at SIUC (1994-2017), he served on or with the board devoted to the "Bucky Dome" for fifteen years. He lives with his wife, Patty, in Carbondale, IL.
ISBN: 9781634992107
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: America Through Time
DATE: 3/30/2020
STATE: Illinois
SERIES: America Through Time
PAGES: 208
DIMENSIONS: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)

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