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Crescenta Valley’s Dirty Laundry: Gossip, Crime and Tragedy
  • ISBN: 9781634993579
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Crescenta Valley’s Dirty Laundry: Gossip, Crime and Tragedy

Author(s): Gary Keyes and Mike Lawler
The Crescenta Valley is an upper middle-class suburb of Los Angeles. It enjoys a low crime rate and high property values. But like any community, it has a distasteful side to its history.

These are the stories you won’t hear from the local Chamber of Commerce—mildly amusing gossip and cringe-worthy history; racial hatred; a town close enough to Hollywood to provide quiet homes to not-so-quiet Hollywood stars, including the gossip that goes with them.

And all of this in a valley between two mountain ranges that offer natural disasters on a seeming regular schedule.

Like someone’s dirty laundry, this history book reveals some embarrassing stains.

Gary Keyes s a retired high school and college history teacher. Mike Lawler was one of his students. Gary has coauthored two books on local history.

Mike Lawler first became fascinated with local history when, as a child, he dug holes in the dirt of his backyard looking for remnants of the past. That fascination for local history has led him to authoring several works on the history of his community, along with a popular newspaper column on the same subject. He was the president of the Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley for over a decade. In his community, he is considered the authority on local history. And he still can't pass by a hole in the ground without at least taking a glance.
ISBN: 9781634993579
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: America Through Time
DATE: 10/25/2021
STATE: California
SERIES: America Through Time
PAGES: 112
DIMENSIONS: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)

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