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Death In Philadelphia: The Murder Of Kimberly Ernest
  • ISBN: 9781634994583

Death In Philadelphia: The Murder Of Kimberly Ernest

Author(s): Thom Nickels
When the body of a young female jogger was found at the bottom of a stairwell near Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square in the early morning hours of November 2, 1995, the brutality of the crime shocked the city and led to an outpouring of grief that caused the mayor to weep publicly.

The victim, who came from a prominent Illinois family, had been attacked by two petty car thieves with a history of terrorizing local residents. Yet nothing in this case was what it seemed to be. The suspects claimed that their signed confessions were forced by police officers in a hurry to prosecute.

DNA evidence not compatible with the killers’ profiles led the sequestered jury (in a rush to go home) to declare a not guilty verdict. When a rogue attorney eager for publicity entered the picture and presented “evidence” that the killer of the jogger was really the son of a prominent city lawyer, the new charges led to a complex web of criminal types from the city’s drug and prostitution underworld.

The Center City jogger’s death still cries out for justice.


Thom Nickels is the author of fifteen books, including: Philadelphia Architecture (2005); Spore (2010); Literary Philadelphia: A History of Prose & Poetry in the City of Brotherly Love (2015); and Philadelphia Mansions: Stories and Characters Behind the Walls (2018). Nickels’ essays on his years as a Vietnam War-era conscientious objector were published by The New Oxford Review and Oklahoma Humanities Magazine. His feature essay on Agnes Repplier, “The Secular Writer as Saint,” was published by the American Catholic Studies journal. Nickels worked as the theater critic for ICON Magazine and as the architecture critic for Metro Philadelphia. He is currently a regular columnist for the Philadelphia Free Press, Philadelphia Irish Edition, and City Journal (New York).

Pages: 160
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Imprint: America Through Time
Series: America Through Time
Publication Date: 29th May 2023
State: Pennsylvania
ISBN: 9781634994583
Format: Paperback
TRUE CRIME / Murder / General
HISTORY / United States / State & Local / Middle Atlantic (DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA)
TRUE CRIME / Historical

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