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Hartsdale Pet Cemetery: The Oldest Pet Cemetery In The U.S
  • ISBN: 9781634994866
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Hartsdale Pet Cemetery: The Oldest Pet Cemetery In The U.S.

When considering old cemeteries, images probably rush through your head of apparitions, decrepit crypts, and toppled tombstones left to decay. In this exploratory book, you’ll be taken on a journey into the strange, touching, and often humorous realm of New York’s Hartsdale Pet Cemetery.

Venture into America's oldest pet cemetery and find yourself lost within this beloved graveyard, where the smallest creatures and biggest critters from around the world find their resting places. From monuments towering upon a hill, to modest messages of sorrow etched into stone, the memorials left behind are as varied as the pets to which they’re dedicated. You’ll discover cats, dogs, horses, iguanas, even lions and tigers. Hartsdale’s Peaceable Kingdom is the final home for America’s most storied creatures, including canine war heroes, a jungle cat kept in an apartment, and a princess and her lion. These are just a few of the tales waiting beyond the gates.

So, join us as we take you on an odyssey into America’s most curious and offbeat graveyard, the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery.


Married couple Michelle and Sean Whiteley have spent the last several years exploring America's pet cemeteries in search of the strikingly strange, the sweetly sentimental, and the most touching and lasting of tributes to this country's beloved pet population. Michelle runs a popular Instagram page dedicated to this topic in the hope of providing comfort to those dealing with pet loss. Sean writes fiction and has been featured in several literary publications. Find Michelle on Instagram at @CreatureCrypts, and Sean on Twitter at @SeanPWhiteley or his website, SeanPatrickWhiteley.com. Michelle and Sean hope you enjoy this uncommon, offbeat journey.

Publisher: America Through Time
Imprint: America Through Time
Publication Date: 25th September 2023
ISBN: 9781634994866
Format: Paperback
PETS / General
PHOTOGRAPHY / Subjects & Themes / Regional (see also TRAVEL / Pictorials)
TRAVEL / Special Interest / Pets

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