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Streetcar Advertising in America
  • ISBN: 9781625450401
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Streetcar Advertising in America

  • Over 200 colour photographs deliver a stunning pictorial history of Streetcar advertising since the early 1900s
  • Compiled from original cardboard streetcar adverts from the author's remarkable collection, representing 40 years of collecting
  • A delight not only for the streetcar enthusiasts but also anyone interested in the history of advertising in the USA
  • While the streetcar era was in decline by the 1930s, the basic advertising principles continue on trams and underground railway systems worldwide in the 21st Century
You might be surprised to learn that many of the consumer brands and products enjoyed in the USA today exist because of streetcar advertising. The Industrial Revolution of the early 1900s and a massive consumer audience riding over 50,000 streetcars in nearly 3,000 cities and towns in every state of the union provided a great opportunity for Barron Collier, a native of Memphis, Tennessee. He simply used streetcar advertising to bring these two forces together and created the largest streetcar advertising empire in the world.

Most of these advertising cards have remarkable colour graphics; over 250 of them are included in this book for your viewing pleasure. While streetcar advertising is definitely not a major advertising medium today, the advertising community might be surprised to learn that the basic principles of consumer advertising have not changed that much in the last 100 years. Investors might do well to review Streetcar Advertising in America to see which companies are still producing these popular products and brands as they represent some of the most successful businesses in America today.

Woodson J. Savage III has collected advertising signs and related items for over 40 years. His recent attraction to cardboard streetcar advertising signs was a result of their superb graphics and his fascination with the history associated with the creation and use of these cards as well as with the companies, products, and services offered. The restoration of these cards and the discovery that Barron Collier, a fellow Memphian born in 1873, became the Father of Streetcar Advertising in America only made his interest in this hobby more gratifying.
ISBN: 9781625450401
Publisher: Fonthill Media Ltd
Binding: Hardback with dust jacket
Pages: 160
Date: 02/15/2016
Images: 220 Color
Dimensions: 6.7 (w) x 9.7 (h)